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The new year is upon us here at Metal Detecting Stuff, and the detecting industry is “beeping” in the New Year. New products are on the horizon, coming at a fast and furious pace. Let’s see what the year holds for us as we search for our treasures.

Garrett Detectors kicks off 2015 with a vastly improved waterproof version of their pinpointer.  The Garrett Pro-pointer AT is  waterproof to 9 feet, has adjustable and ratcheting sensitivity, and can be operated in audio only, vibrate only, or audio and vibrate modes. Add a lanyard attachment and lost Pro-pointer alarm, and you get a great feature set at an affordable price! Look for this in February 2015.

XP Deus has given US customers the advantage of a strong dollar by dropping prices on all of their models. There has never been a better time to get an XP Deus detector! The XP Deus is the first fully wireless detector in the market, feature rich and lightweight, it’s a fantastic detector to use in iron infested sites.

Makro has introduced a new Makro waterproof pinpointer and their soon to be released Makro Racer. There is a buzz in the detecting forums waiting to see how well the Makro Racer performs.

Feel free to contact us at (832) 928-9135 or email us at sales@metaldetectingstuff.com to see these products once they hit the shelves.


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