25qt Frio Ice Chest

$ 175.00

  • 25qt weighs 14lbs
  • Our hinges use a large diameter rod instead of a small wire
    and we protect it with a wraparound design for strength and durability.
  • Our chests have a raised, positive sealing surface with a compression seal
    inside of a recessed lip in the lid to guarantee that when the chest is closed
    the cold stays in.
  • Our sprung latches are stainless steel to take the use and stand up to the elements
    and are still easy to use. No folded fingernails here.
  • Two lock tabs molded into the chest body and lid.
    With our hinge design, this keeps everything out that you don't want in.
  • Our feet don't mess around. These feet are grippy and pliable.
    The chest stays put in your truck bed, and no more sliding off the table when you
    go to open it.

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