Metal Detecting for Spanish Treasure by Gary Drayton book

$ 19.95

Successful Florida beach treasure hunter Gary T. Drayton shares his knowledge and stories of metal detecting
on the beaches of Florida in search of Spanish treasure. 

Detailed informative advice for beach treasure hunting including:

  • How to read the beach to improve your treasure chances. 
  • When and where to find treasure 
  • Site selection or as they say in the real estate business, location, location, location. 
  • Choosing the correct metal detector for beach treasure hunting.
  • VLF and Pulse hunting tips. The Treasure Coast  Spanish 1715 fleet wreck sites. 
  • How to search an eroded beach and take advantage of the best time to find treasure. 
  • Plus many more effective tips and tricks to help you to find Spanish treasure on the beach. 

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