North American Pirates and Their Lost Treasure By W.C. Jameson

North American Pirates and Their Lost Treasure By W.C. Jameson

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Expert treasure hunter, W.C. Jameson introduces yet another intriguing collection of pirate tales featuring swashbuckling cutthroats, lost buried treasures, and sunken ships. Pirate stories have long been enshrouded with a sense of mystery and danger. Pop culture has romanticized the risky exploits of pirates to the point that they often seem more like super-heroes from an action movie, than outlaws who terrorized shipping lanes and seaports along the Atlantic Coast.

Similar to rustlers and gunslingers in the old west, pirates were truly the outlaws of the high seas. Instead of riding horses, they sailed ships. Instead of preying on trains, isolated ranches or small town banks, they attacked merchant ships and coastal communities. In the process they sometimes accumulated an astounding measure of wealth in the form of precious stones, priceless jewels, gold and silver coins along with other valuables.

One thing is for sure, a pirate's life was almost too unpredictable and chaotic to fully comprehend: cursed caches of riches, cutthroats turned insane by their insatiable greed for riches, bloody battles at sea and long-lost buried treasure all play a prominent role in these tales. You'll get to know familiar pirates like Blackbeard and Calico Jack, along with new faces like the Lafitte brothers who fenced stolen goods, as well as the infamous Mary Anne Townsend, a lady pirate who stood several inches taller than her crew, along with the notorious pirate captain, “Bloody” Tew.

Many pirates chose the dangerous life of a buccaneer over a harsh life of servitude that held little hope for advancement. The notion of living a life of freedom and adventure on the high seas along with the promise of accumulating incredible wealth was a captivating dream that appealed to many people who found themselves in desperate straits with few opportunities. Although the risks were high, the rewards often more than compensated for a life spent on the lam, evading the authorities.

Jameson's richly, detailed narratives transport readers to another time in our history when people were struggling to build a life in the “New World”. With detailed accounts of each pirate's exploits, readers will find themselves deeply immersed in the settings and the colorful lifestyles and eccentric personalities of these unique characters. So hop on board, hoist the sails, and prepare for an exciting journey to explore the swashbuckling lives of some of the most fascinating pirates in history.

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