RTG Supreme Beach Scoop

$ 59.95

This supreme beach scoop is the same as our model #701 except that it is 5” in diameter.

It is a 2-in1 sand scoop. This scoop can be used as an adjustable long handled scoop or it can be separated into a 9” hand scoop. The long handle slides into the short handle and is secured with a spring clip. The long handle has 4 adjustable positions. These handles are made of anodized aluminum. There are rubber hand grips on both handles. This 5” diameter sand scoop is made of 16 gauge steel and strong 1/2" wire welded screen. This is a durable lightweight scoop made for beach hunting - an excellent sand scoop for dry sand use. This scoop can be used as short handled scoop – total length 17” or a long handled scoop – total length 41”.This sand scoop is designed for dry sand hunting only, it is not made for water hunting. (The basket can crush if used in the water or with your foot.)

Made in the U.S.A. We offer a 90 day limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

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