Travel Handle – Carbon Fiber Upper Portion S50

$ 169.00

This handle will fit Sunspot ~ STEALTH Classic 8, 720i and 790i “U-Bolt” and “Tube” models.

Now you can pack your STEALTH in your suit case

It is not easy to build a 2 piece handle that will take the load as required for a metal detecting scoop but we did it.

No bolts exposed to get in your way and rip your hands open. Now the upper portion is made from 1 3/8” Carbon Fiber tubing and is bonded to the aluminum connector with marine epoxy. The connector is hard coated and Teflon coated to resist corrosion.

The lower portion is 1 ½” diameter wood and has a stainless threaded rod bonded with premium marine adhesive. It is critical that you lubricate the joint and threads with veggie oil. You must only tighten by hand (not with the spanner wrench). The spanner wrench is only to be used to loosen the joint.