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Metal Detector Trades
  • Metal Detector Trades

Metal Detecting Clubs

Below is a list of local metal detecting clubs in your area. We do our best to keep all the information up to date. Please contact us if the information is incorrect.

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Montgomery County Artifacts Recovery Club Facebook Link
Tomball Archaeological Recovery Club
Houston Archaeology & Recovery Club  contact Byron Whitaker
Galveston Island Treasure Club contact Buster Toland
Treasure Hunters Association of Pasadena website
San Antonio Area Metal Detecting Club contact Robert Gilland
East Texas Treasure Hunters Association  Longview, TX
Rusk County Treasure Hunters Association Henderson, TX
T.A.M.D.C. (Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs) Texas





List your club here for Free Website





Three Forks Treasure Hunters Website




List your club here for Free. Website




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