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New to the Hobby

Welcome to the hobby that pays you back!

We created this page to give those new to the hobby an idea of all the items we use in the hobby. There’s more to it than just getting a detector. Some of the basic pieces are:

  1. Detector
  2. Headphones
  3. Digging Tool
  4. Pin Pointer
  5. Gloves
  6. Boots
  7. Finds Pouch

These are some of the basics of the hobby. You don’t have to have all these items to start out. It does make it easier once you have them. Take a minute and look at each one.


Detector: The detector is the most costly of the items in this hobby. When it comes to detectors there are lots of choices. Quality detectors start at $279 and can go to $1500 or more. The more you pay, the more features you get. Some of the higher end models can even give you a good idea of the size of the target and what coin it is. We have both land detectors and submersible underwater detectors. We can help you find the best detector for your needs and budget,

Headphones: Headphones are not required as detector’s have a built in speaker. There are benefits to using headphones. Headphones require less power from your detector - using headphones will make the detector’s batteries last longer. Using headphones also helps you attract less attention. Another benefit to headphones is that you’ll be able to hear the signals better. Some targets produce weak signals depending on how deep they are; headphones help pick up on these faint signals. Prices on headphones range from $29.95 to over $175.00. There are wired headphones and now even wireless headphones like the Garrett MS-3 wireless set. These are used for land hunting, or you can get a waterproof set for underwater use like the Gray Ghost Amphibians.

Digging Tools: There are many varieties of digging tools. Some people new to the hobby start out with a gardening tool from the local hardware store and soon move up to a sturdier digging tool such as the Lesche or Nokta Digging Tool. We carry multiple models from various manufacturers from hand diggers to shovels. A quality digging tool will hold up to the thousands of targets one may dig over the course of a year.

Pin Pointer: A Pin Pointer is like a smaller version of your detector. The detector can tell you where your target is in the ground, but it can still be difficult to find in the dirt or hole. The Pin Pointer helps to locate the small object in the hole you dig. The Pin Pointer is a small hand-held device that beeps and vibrates with increasing intensity when it gets close to the target. When looking for a coin sized object or perhaps something smaller, a Pin Pointer makes all the difference in the world. I started out without one and it made the hobby very frustrating at times. My detector told me there was a target in the ground but when it came to locating it in the dirt; it was next to impossible at times. Was it still in the ground? Was it in the loose dirt? Was it in the dirt lying outside of the hole? The Pin Pointer will speed up your recovery time and make the hobby much more rewarding and enjoyable. Again you don’t have to have one ... but you’ll be glad if you do. We use the Garrett Propointer AT, it’s high quality and waterproof. 

Gloves: Are often thought of as not needed - just a personal preference but I wear mechanics gloves while hunting. When it comes to digging in the dirt it helps to keep my hands from getting all gritty. In the winter time it also helps keep my hands warm plus it might keep you from cutting yourself on a sharp object you’re pulling from the ground. Boots: Rubber boots are really helpful on those days when your hunting ground is wet. I usually hunt on the weekends. If it rains much on Thursday or Friday the hunting ground can get pretty wet. So I always take rubber boots along. The good thing about the ground being wet is it can make the targets show up better to your detector. Invest in a pair of rubber boots - you’ll be glad you did.

Finds Pouch: The Finds Pouch is where you put your new found treasures and your trash. You will dig some trash! An old buried coke can sounds just like a coin unless you’re using one of the imaging detectors that show the approximate size of the target you’ll be digging, you will dig cans from time to time. Pull Tabs ring up just like a gold ring you’ll dig some pull tabs also. Wear a Finds Pouch to put the trash and the good stuff in. Find an old belt and wear your Finds Pouch, your Digging Tool and your Pin Pointer. We like the Gray Ghost Catch All and the Garrett All Terrain Pouch


Finally, consider getting some display cases to house all that jewelry and treasure that you will find.

These items are not required but fill the list as standard gear for a detectorist.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting from Wayne & Doug