Detect-Ed Equinox Red Belly Red Carbon Fiber Lower Shaft

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Detect-Ed LS Carbon Shaft (Lower)

The Land & Sea Carbon Shaft ‘Lower’ is a single piece to replace the lower rod of the stock Minelab Equinox shaft, ideal for underwater and land detecting.

This lower shaft is designed for use with the Detect-Ed LS Carbon Shaft ‘Upper’.


- 100% Carbon Fiber
Red-Belly Black Carbon with a matte finish, for greater scratch resistance.

- 50% Lighter
Than stock Equinox lower shaft (50g vs 100g).

- Drainage System
Easy drainage hole for water detecting and cleaning.

- Eliminates Coil Ear wear
Custom coil connector design significantly reduces Coil Ear wear which means your Coil Ears are less likely to snap.

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